Programming Points


Programming Points: The Best of ‘The Radio Magazine’ Columns (2003-2010)

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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From 2003-2010 UK radio consultant Paul Easton contributed the fortnightly ‘Programming Points’ column, as well as other occasional features, for The Radio Magazine.

During that period the UK radio industry underwent a lot of changes. A new regulator, consolidation, increased networking and automation, the development of national ‘brands’…. the list goes on.

This book is a collection of Paul’s columns, containing a mix of advice and industry commentary.

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“Lots of sensible, sound (pardon the pun) advice for programmers, heads of music, presenters and producers all in one place”

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Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle – and also here for UK readers at £10.95 inc. postage (cheaper than Amazon).