It’s Next Again – But Hurry

Next Radio – the excellent one-day conference that shares the best new ideas for the radio industry  – is back on Monday September 19th. This is the conference for those people who actually ‘do’ and ‘make’ radio, and from all areas – including the BBC, commercial radio, community radio, independent production companies and freelancers. Speakers – and delegates – are not just from the UK. Previous conferencers have included participants from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, the USA and Zimbabwe.

What I really like best about Next Radio is that all of its sessions are either 9 or 18 minutes long. Long-winded speakers and pointless panels are out, which means even if one particular session doesn’t float your boat you know something else will be along shortly that might – and with around 20 sessions throughout the day there’s bound to be plenty that will interest you and provide food for thought. There’s also plenty of time for networking and socialising both during and after the event.

Some top speakers have already been announced – with more to come.

The short timespan of each session helps the speakers to focus more on the subject and, in some cases, encourages some creativity – such as Radioplayer’s Mike Hill whose 2014 presentation aids included a chocolate cake (baked by his wife) and two bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup.mikehill2That may sound more like a bizarre Masterchef ‘invention test’ round but there was a method in Mike’s apparent madness – check out the video.

The other good thing about Next Radio is that it’s not expensive – in fact you can get an ‘Early Bird’ ticket for £99 (+VAT) until June 30th. After that the whole day will set you back £149 (+VAT) – but even then that’s still considerably cheaper than many other radio industry conferences.

Regular readers to my blog will know that I have been a keen supporter of this annual event since the beginning and, as I have said before, if my endorsement counts for anything I am happy to give it to Next Radio.

Get your tickets here.