London Rajar – Q1/2016

Once again it’s time to look behind the spin.

These figures cover the period 28th December 2015 – 3rd April 2016 and, to save you asking, the new Virgin Radio talkRADIO and talkSPORT2 launched too late to be included this time.

Overall I’m not really sure what to make of this quarter’s figures. There seems to have been a national drop across most stations. It could well be seasonal and, no doubt, many of those stations will bounce back next time; we’ll have to wait until August to find out, of course.

In London only Capital has increased its Reach year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter and, with 2,286,000 listeners is now ahead of BBC Radio 2. All other stations are down QonQ but, as well as Capital, LBC, Capital Xtra, Gold, Kiss and Smooth are up YonY.

I’ll let you make up your own minds.

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Previous results for comparison – Q4/15 and Q1/15

As always you’ll find further expert, analysis from Adam Bowie and Matt Deegan, as well as insighful comment on Northern Ireland from John Rosborough.

Q1/2016 Survey period – 28th December 2015 – 3rd April 2016
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

Charts © Paul Easton 2016

One comment
  1. Martin Rosen 19th May 2016 at 17:24

    I have said it before, but will say it again (!), what always surprises me is the increase in audience for LBC News (1152). The station receives no publicity and yet more listeners are tuning in. How do they know about it?

    My surprise also goes to Gold, but for a different reason. Do people really want to listen to ‘radio jukebox’, just back to back tracks with no presenters? You may as well listen to your CD collection in random order – pick up a product from around the house and exclaim its virtues and you have the ads !!!!