Rajar Blog -Taking A Break

After ten years my quarterly London Rajar blog is taking a break for a while. I may still do the occasional ‘special’ looking at particular markets or stations from time to time, though. Many thanks for your support over the years. PS. A reminder that you will continue to find excellent, expert, Rajar Day analysis from Adam Bowie and Matt Deegan as well as insightful commentary on the Northern Ireland scene from John Rosborough. Read more

London Rajar – Q2/19

This quarter covers the period from 1st April - 23rd June 2019. If you're looking to see how Heart's new national Breakfast Show has done you'll need to come back later. The schedule changes took place on Monday 3rd June so only two weeks would be reflected here. We'll have a better idea of how things might be shaping up when Q3 is published on 24th October - although nationally, as most of the other Heart stations work on a half-yearly ... Read more

London Rajar – Q1/19

It's time to look at the latest Rajar figures for the main London commercial stations - covering the period 31st December 2018 - 31st March 2019. Virgin Radio has changed its survey period from half-yearly to quarterly, so it is now able to be featured in the regular Reach and Share ranking. This is because they want to be able to see the effect of Chris Evans taking over the Breakfast Show, rather than have to wait until August. So how have they ... Read more

London Rajar – Q4/18

Rajar-watching is never dull with the London market. This quarter - which covers the period 17th September - 16th December 2018 - has seen a drop for most stations. Interestingly, despite heavy losses for Capital and Kiss, both stations remain the top commercial players in reach, although LBC has the highest commercial share. LBC may have dropped in London but it is also celebrating its best-ever figures nationally. While most of the major stations use a quarterly survey period, many others in London ... Read more
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