London Rajar – Q1/2018

Here we are with the first quarter of this year – covering the period 1st January – 1st April 2018.

As always the dynamics of the London commercial radio market continue to intrigue.  In terms of reach Capital and Kiss continue to battle it out for dominance, as they have done for the past year or so. It’s also interesting that Magic continues to take a steady tumble in reach and share.  It’s been a good five years or more since they were London’s number one commercial station and their current reach of 1,371,000 is their lowest for more than at least ten years – down 193,000 since the last quarter and down 83,000 year on year.

Capital takes the commercial crown once again, despite losing 102,000 year on year. Gold is also down 96,000.  Apart from those three, all of the other main London stations have gained listeners.

Here’s something new – showing the winners and losers compared to Q1/2017.

Now for the bit I know most of you come here for!  As always I’ll let the graphs do the talking, but while weekdays look fairly straightforward, everything seems to go wild at the weekend – and it’s interesting to note that Capital is now the overnight winner on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Previous results for comparison – Q4/2017 and Q1/2017

As always you’ll also find some good, expert, analysis from Adam Bowie and Matt Deegan as well as insightful commentary on the Northern Ireland scene from John Rosborough.

Q1/2018 Survey period – 1st January – 1st April 2018
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

Charts © Paul Easton 2018