London Rajar – Q2/2017

Over all the years I’ve been producing this quarterly review I’ve always been fascinated by the volatile nature of the London market. Sometimes there’s a reason why certain stations have done well – as is the case this quarter – yet at other times it’s puzzling.

This set of results covers the period from 3rd April to 25th June 2017. It was a busy time for news – the General Election, the Manchester Arena bomb, the Westminster and London Bridge attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. So it’s hardly surprising that news/talk stations have done well this quarter. In particular LBC has posted a record 1,411,000 Reach and 7.6% share in London, and dominate the audience for much of the day. LBC has also topped the 2 million listeners mark nationally. BBC Radio London also increased its audience from 329,000 last quarter to 621,000 this time.

Capital continues to have the highest commercial audience and is also ahead of Radio 2 for the second quarter running. The other music stations continue to fluctuate. Although Heart, Kiss and Magic have increased audience this quarter, they are still down year on year. Absolute and Gold have lost both quarter on quarter and year on year.

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Previous results for comparison – Q1/2017 and Q2/2016

As always you’ll also find some good, expert, analysis from Adam Bowie and Matt Deegan as well as insightful commentary on the Northern Ireland scene from John Rosborough.

Q2/2017 Survey period – 3rd April – 25th June 2017.
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

Charts © Paul Easton 2017