Manchester Rajar – Q1/2017

Although I have usually concentrated on London, back in the dim-and-distant past I occasionally featured other UK cities and thought that it would be worth doing it again from time-to-time.

So here’s a ‘snapshot’ of Manchester’s radio stations are currently performing.

Unlike London where all stations have the same (TSA) Total Survey Area it isn’t the same with Manchester, which is served by both regional and local commercial stations, so it’s not possible to do an hourly comparison. Instead I’ve done a breakdown of stations within the Key 103 TSA for the key periods of Breakfast (0600-1000) and Drive (1600-1900) at Weekdays.

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Q1/2017 Survey period – 2nd January – 2nd April 2017.
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

Charts © Paul Easton 2017