London Rajar – Q4/2017

Well here we are once more – this time with a look at the final quarter of 2017.  The survey period was 18th September – 18th December 2017.

At first glance I’m not sure what to make of it. All bar one of the main commercial stations have shown an increase in Reach year-on-year; the only exception is Magic, which is down 159,000 on Q4/2016 (although up 23,000 quarter-on-quarter).  The overall weekday winner is Kiss, which leads the pack for much of the daytime hours. There’s also a strong showing from Chris Moyles on Radio X.

One thing that did jump out was LBC overnights. This is a station which has ruled the late-night and overnight hours for many years, yet in this quarter it has lost that crown on Saturday and Sunday nights. It’s hard to tell quite where those listeners may have gone – but they don’t appear to have gone to the “likely suspects” BBC Radio London,  TalkSPORT or TalkRADIO, which still hasn’t really gained any traction either in London or nationally.  Their Reach may be down but they have almost doubled their hours (nationally) year-on-year; and recent schedule changes mean there’s little point in dissecting the figures too closely at this stage. With two new talk stations planned to launch in London next month there’s a lot to play for.

It’s possible I may notice other points of interest in these figures over the next day or so but in the meantime here are the usual graphs and tables.

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Previous results for comparison – Q3/2017 and Q4/2016

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Q4/2017 Survey period – 18th September – 18th December 2017.
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

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