London Rajar – Q4/2016

This is the final quarter of last year – covering the period 19th September – 18th December 2016.

Making its debut on this occasion is digital station Thames Radio, with a reach of 15,000.  Chris Country has dropped to 23,000, although this is likely to be the result of changing its survey period from quarterly to a rolling half-yearly. Fun Kids has done well with 46,000 listeners. However these are Adults 15+ and while Rajar doesn’t measure children under 10, the station also has 39,000 listeners aged 10-14; making a total of 85,000 for ‘Individuals 10+’. So well done to Matt and the team at Folder Media.

The one thing that really leaps out this time is James O’Brien on LBC 1000-1300 on weekdays. I have to admit when I first saw it I went back to double-check the figures had been correctly entered, but this was no mistake! However you look at it that is certainly quite a result. This was a strong period for news with the continuing aftermath of the EU Referendum as well as the US Presidential election. Coupled with their continuing night-time and early-morning dominance and a strong showing from Nick Ferrari at breakfast this has been a good quarter – and the highest share of any commercial station in London. Also, like her or loathe her, Katy Hopkins has done well on Sunday mornings.

Radio X has a very noticeable showing at breakfast with Chris Moyles who out-performs the rest of the station.

Elsewhere it’s the usual game of ‘musical chairs’ and, apart from LBC, everybody else is down year on year. This time Kiss has the highest reach.

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Previous results for comparison – Q3/2016 and Q4/2015

As always you’ll also find some good, expert, analysis from Adam Bowie and Matt Deegan, as well as insightful commentary on the Northern Ireland scene from John Rosborough.

Q4/2016 Survey period – 19th September – 18th December 2016.
Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB

Charts © Paul Easton 2017